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Cube 3 - Product Design & Development
By Gary Rose on 21/12/11 | Product Design


Some time ago we entered into a joint venture with a start-up IP company and developed a patented device for measuring and cutting wood accurately and squarely.  This project was another ground up design from concept to manufacturing data.  It is now manufactured in China under license and won hand tool of the year at two prestigious UK events in 2010.  It is now distributed by Toolbank under the Faithfull brand, Clas Olhson as the Multifunction Tape measure and has a number of other brands very interested in the increasing sales volumes the product is currently making.

The product is being received very well, with users comments ranging from "How did I ever survive without this tool" to "Overall, first impressions are five-star"

With a vested interest in the product's success, we are looking forward to reaping the rewards for good design!

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