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Detail design

The detail design phase is where Cube3 takes the final prototype or embodiment design and creates a more detailed final version of it. During the prototype design stage, we will have established basic methods and mechanisms but to save time will skip over finer details. During the detail design stage, we will incorporate any minor changes or improvements from the prototype model evaluation, but mostly this is all about adding detail.

The detailed specification stage where everything is starting to come together

Every nut and bolt, every radius and chamfer, every screw post and clip needs to be thought about and detailed. Electronic integration is finalised as well as defining manufacturing methodologies for all parts. If the product needs to be tough, we will add strengthening features, if it needs to be light, we will reduce bulk, if it needs to be easier to manufacture, we will adjust to accommodate.

This is about preparing a detailed specification of how each part is to be made. We consider specific materials to be used, colours, and surface finishes, finalise bought in components, assembly methods and consider potential quality standards.

In reality, the lines between design stages are blurred at best. A design will evolve iteratively between concept and embodiment and detail as and when it needs to, but it is this final design stage where the critical details are defined, and this is key to designing products that transition easily from design to manufacture.

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Detail design
Detail design