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Ergonomics and Human Factors

Cube3 are experienced in designing great products – this is partly possible due to our use of Human Factors, which includes ergonomics.

What is the relevance of ergonomics and human factors in relation to concept and styling?

It is the application of psychological and physiological principles to the development of products, processes and systems. Correct application leads to products that are easy to use and are used in the manner intended. Human factors are considered at every step of the Cube3 development process, from defining user needs and wants to validating the useability of proposed designs.

The following human factors are considered when defining targets for product development:

  • • Safe to use
  • • Performs effectively
  • • Optimum useability and user experience

Prototypes and mock-ups are used during development to iteratively test the safety, useability, and user experience. Methods include:

  • • Stakeholder reviews
  • • Focus groups
  • • Useability testing
  • • Competitor benchmarking

Towards the end of development, useability validation tests are used to ensure the product is safe and targets have been met.

Understanding the human factors through the correct processes delivers products that are safer and improve performance and customer experience over the competition.

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Ergonomics and Human Factors
Ergonomics and Human Factors