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Reverse Engineering

At Cube3, we can create 3D CAD data and/or engineering drawings of existing parts or assemblies. This is done by accurately measuring an existing part or assembly or 3D scanning it. Assemblies can be broken down and each part reverse engineered too. In some cases, it may be necessary to cut up samples to enable accurate measurement. The main reasons for reverse engineering are:

  • • To create 3D parts of existing products where 2D drawings are available
  • • To remake complex machined parts where no 2D or 3D data currently exists
  • • To create new tooling for existing products where no 3D data can be found
  • • To copy a form or structure for inclusion in a new development project
  • • To combine several parts into a new single part for modern manufacturing techniques
  • • To understand how an existing product works so you can improve on it

We use accurate measuring equipment in house to enable quick turnaround of data. More complex forms require the use of 3D scanning equipment and 3D surfacing. We can even reverse engineer from photos if required! One specific example of this is when we recreated the cockpit canopy of Donald Campbells Bluebird for the K7 restoration project. This was done by observing photos and scanning the existing bodywork.

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Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering