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Simulation and FEA

Some development projects require the use of simulation studies to reduce development times, which allows a product design agency like Cube3 to design better products. Simulation is where a part or assembly undergoes virtual testing in a 3D CAD environment. The simulation might be to determine if a component is strong enough or how big a heatsink needs to be or how vibration affects the product. Simulation can help with many aspects, such as:

  • • Is a part or assembly strong enough for the forces being applied to it?
  • • Where can you reduce weight or material volume?
  • • Does a component in a design get too hot in specific ambient conditions?
  • • Is a part likely to fatigue under certain use cases?
  • • Will fluid flow through a product efficiently?
  • • Does a product break on impact or when dropped?
  • • Does a mechanism work as expected?

All of these can be carried out in the real world by testing a physical prototype, but it can be more cost effective to simulate in 3D for the following reasons:

  • To save development time – designing, prototyping, and testing may take longer
  • To save manufacturing mistakes – sometimes it is only possible to test a part when it has been made in production
  • To save money – it is more cost effective to design and test virtually than to build prototypes and then test them
  • To reduce weight – using FEA can help to reduce part weight
  • To reduce manufacturing costs – simulation can reduce the material content in a product
  • To optimise a mechanism – simulation can allow you to adjust a mechanism so that it works better and is under less stress

Simulation and FEA support with Cube3

Often we will apply simulation techniques and quantify those results against a physical prototype, this allows us to run many studies and gives confidence to the simulation results. We have access to the latest simulation software and can help you to develop better product quicker and in less time by utilising simulation.

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Simulation and FEA
Simulation and FEA