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Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

During the development process, Cube3 can engage in sourcing manufacturing resources and managing the supply chain. Every project requires a different approach, so we will tailor our services to suit the specific requirements of each client. We can help source local UK manufacture, European manufacture or further afield for lower costs options considering China, India, or other low-cost regions.

Engaging with potential manufacturing partners early on in the development stage is ideal. Valuable feedback will be gained on proposed manufacturing methods and the associated features and function of the product. Potential manufacturing problems can be identified early on, and better manufacturing methods proposed.

An early grasp of costs will influence the design direction and potentially costly assumptions can be challenged and corrected if wrong. If a particular resource is unfamiliar to us or the client, factory visits can be conducted to check the claims of the vendor and increase the confidence in receiving products of the required quality and in the timescales needed.

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Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
Sourcing and Supply Chain Management