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Design and Innovation Strategy

A design and innovation strategy is a detailed plan to grow your company’s market share and profits through improving existing design processes and behaviours. The aim is to improve existing products and identify opportunities to find new and better solutions to your customers problems or needs.

Innovative businesses know that great products and ideas don’t just happen. They come from design aware environments and procedures that are designed to facilitate their development.

What can you do with an effective design and innovation strategy?

An effective design and innovation strategy can enable you to:

  • • Prioritise your organization’s innovation activities to focus efforts on reaching their goals
  • • Align development activities to work towards common goals rather than pursuing individual priorities
  • • Help your company from stagnating. Your businesses should continue to innovate in a strategic way to keep or improve market share
  • • Achieve long term success. Without ongoing innovation, a company can lose competitive advantage and lose customer retention over the long term.

An effective design and innovation strategy leads to better and more successful products. These products can:

  • • Attract a profitable market segment
  • • Address unmet needs
  • • Be better at doing the job than competing products
  • • Disrupt a market sector

Cube3 can work closely with your company as part of your team to help create an effective design and innovation strategy and help you to integrate it into your overall business plans and goals. We will help you to:

  • • Determine objectives and a strategic approach to innovation
  • • Understand your market, customers, and competitors
  • • Define your value proposition
  • • Assess and develop your core skills and capabilities
  • • Establish your Innovation techniques and systems

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Design and Innovation Strategy
Design and Innovation Strategy