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Cube 3 - Product Design & Development

Product Visualisation and Animation

Here at Cube3, we use 3D rendering and animation software to create product visualisations and animations. As a product development progresses, it is important to communicate the direction of development to all stakeholders to get their feedback and buy-in. This can be done with screenshots and on-screen demonstrations, but photo-realistic static or animated visualisations can be used more effectively to show:

  • • How the product could look in different colours and textures
  • • Potential user interface options
  • • Product packaging options
  • • How different branding ideas could be implemented
  • • Instructional videos of how the product works
  • • 360 degree walk-arounds
  • • Photo-realistic renders for marketing material

The key takeaway from this, is that any 3D CAD model can be rendered to look believable enough for almost any purpose. This could allow you to produce marketing material before you have a real product to photograph, or to allow a 360° product to be spun around by a potential user on a website.

The team here at Cube3 have the skills, tools and talent to create effective visualisations, appropriate for each stage of product development. We can even produce photo realistic rendering for any 3D data provided.

Product visualisation and animation support with Cube3

Product Visualisation and Animation
Product Visualisation and Animation