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Product Aesthetic and Styling

Cube3 are an experienced product design consultancy, and we provide a product styling and aesthetic design service along with all the other essential product development stages.

No matter what the product, its appearance should be considered with great care. It is obvious that a mass-produced consumer product’s aesthetics are very important and will be significant in the customers decision to buy.

This is also the case for very different markets such as industrial products. The aesthetics will be just as important but judged by different criteria. Ease of use and a quick understanding of function become paramount. Simplicity and familiarity in appearance will rank higher in the users’ needs than appealing proportions and harmonious lines however the latter should always be aspired to.

What you can expect when you work with Cube3

As a rule, we try and balance visual simplicity and complexity. Symmetry and clean lines can be used to make simple geometric forms to give a sense of visual harmony. This is easier to visually process and so gives the product immediate appeal. Adding visual complexity, in the form of aesthetic details, variations in colour and texture can maintain that interest. This balance is determined by the type of product being developed.

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Product Aesthetic and Styling
Product Aesthetic and Styling