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Concept design

Cube3 is a successful product design agency with over 20 years’ experience of turning ideas into reality. Every project goes through our tried and tested development process that ensures your product is designed within project objectives and exposure to risk is minimised.

What does the concept design stage entail?

One very important part of any product development is the concept design stage. The concept design stage of a project comes after we have fully understood the problems that need addressing by gathering information and defining the scope of work to be carried out.

The concept design phase is the key to a great product. It could be about:

  • • Thinking of different ways to achieve specific functionality
  • • Exploring ways to solve problems
  • • Exploring physical forms and visual ideas
  • • Considering how the product is used
  • • What environments it will need to function in

Concept design can be carried out in many ways, but they are all about capturing ideas and communicating them to the client, such as:

  • - Mechanical ideas could be shown through simple sketches or 2D CAD, styling ideas could be shown via marker pen renderings or computer illustrations.
  • - System ideas could be shown via flow diagrams and user interfaces could be shown through graphical diagrams.

…There is no limit to how concept design can be communicated.

What does concept design actually mean?

Concept design is a process where broader initial ideas tend to filter down into more specific ideas, combinations of ideas combine to bring more cohesive solutions via brain-storming sessions etc. These sessions may include throwing ideas at a white board, putting ideas onto post it notes to be discussed collectively or even discussing the problems to solve and allowing designers to go off individually to each come up with potential solutions.

What is the end goal?

The end goal of the concept design phase is to fully explore as many design solutions as possible to the outlined problem in enough detail that the ideas can be communicated to the client or end user. This work will become the blueprint for all further development work, so it’s important to get it right.

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Concept design
Concept design
Concept design