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Cube 3 - Product Design & Development

Mechanical Engineering

Utilising well over 20 years industry experience, combined with the latest in product design engineering resources, tools, techniques and modern tech, we have built a strong track record for producing award-winning product designs in many different fields including medical, domestic, safety wear, retail and more.

We know our clients need products designed to help both their business run more efficiently and succeed in highly competitive marketplaces, so we apply focused creative thought backed by practical know-how and technical ability to transform your basic idea into a fully-fledged design. You will benefit from working closely with a product design engineer to help you achieve your commercial goals and bring your idea to life.

We will work with you every step of the way, from the initial discussion of your idea, through to the development and performance testing of the product, to create a product that will meet your needs for now and into the future.

Cube3: the product design engineer working with you and for you

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering