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Prototype Design

Cube3 is a successful product design consultancy with more than 20 years’ experience in designing products. Every project is completed using our tried and tested process that ensures your product is designed to be class leading and your exposure to risk is minimised.

What does the prototype design stage involve?

The prototype or embodiment design stage is where the ideas that were created in the concept design phase are turned into fully formed designs.

If a project calls for complex forms, they are created here. If a project calls for a mechanism to be developed, it is done here. If a user interface needs to be created, it is done here. This phase of the design is about embodying ideas from the concept phase into tangible design solutions.

This stage is carried out in a 3D CAD environment allowing form, function, mechanisms, and electronics to come together seamlessly. On smaller projects, one designer may do all the design work and use colleagues to bounce ideas off, whereas larger projects would typically be divided into smaller chunks to allow multiple designers to work collaboratively on the same project.

What is the end goal?

The goal of the prototype design stage is to move from concept ideas to a level of design that can be prototyped and tested to access effectiveness. This is often an iterative process of design – prototype – evaluate, going back to design to iterate better solutions if required.

These virtual designs need to be made into real world prototypes. We can arrange for prototype models to be made during and at the end of the prototype design stage using either our in-house facilities or one of our trusted partners.

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Prototype Design
Prototype Design