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Development of 9480-90 RALS

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How We Developed a Portable LED Work Light

On this project, we worked closely with three other small companies to develop two new products for Pelican; the 9480RALS and the 9490RALS.

The initial brief outlined a basic and a premium product with a common hot swap battery unit.  The basic version would need to be brighter than the competition, more versatile and have a better user interface.  The premium product would be brighter still, extendable to 1.8m height and have the Pelican intelligent control interface.

This project had many challenges that we overcame.  The customer expectation for ruggedness was set very high yet the unit cost was so sensitive and the sheer level of engineering to achieve this was considerable.  Cube3 successfully met both requirements as well as many others and designed two great products.

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