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Reverse Engineering Bluebird Canopy

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Proud to be Part of the Team

Bill Smith contacted us to see if we would be interested in trying to re-create the cockpit canopy from Donald Campbell's Bluebird.  The canopy had been completely destroyed in the accident that killed Donald back in 1967 and was the final piece of the puzzle required to put it back together.  Bill pulled the wreckage of Bluebird out of Conniston in 2001 and has been rebuilding Bluebird with his team for 17 years.  Bill contacted many companies who said they could not recreate the canopy without detailed drawings but we decided to take on the challenge.

After hours and hours of pouring over every photo we could find of Bluebird, and with measurements from the rebuilt cockpit, we set about re-creating the original shape.  This turned out to be very challenging as the canopy was more complex than we had imagined.

Bill had the canopy made by a local company and said, "You guys did a truly remarkable job on the canopy with nothing more than a few photos to work from.  The consensus here is that the canopy shape is absolutely spot on."

We are very proud to be part of the team who put Bluebird back together.

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