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Cube 3 - Product Design & Development

Product Design of HVAC Hardware

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Innovative Product Development

Bruce Miller approached Cube when he was running a wholesalers for HVAC installation supplies.  He was interested in developing innovative labour-saving products rather than selling the traditional cheap but labour-intensive products that had always been around.  Cube3 worked with Bruce to develop an idea for fitting air valves to ceiling tiles - something that had never been addressed in 20 years!
Bruce enjoyed the process so much that he decided to start Terlok, a new business set up to develop innovative labour-saving products and selected Cube3 as design partners on this journey.

As Bruce says, the cost of labour is a contractor’s biggest single cost, so we are focusing our product innovation and development efforts around making a positive difference in the following areas:

•Most labour-intensive parts of an installation
•Most aggravating parts of an installation, to make the job more enjoyable
•High risk and unsafe lifting methods commonly used

Together over the last year, we have developed more than ten products and other accessories, each solving a long-overlooked installation issue, be it saving time, making a job easier or making it more convenient.  At the time of writing this, Terlok have launched six of these products with many more in the pipeline for launch over the next year.

We look forward to continuing to work with Bruce and Terlok as the brand grows and becomes a market leader in cost-effective labour-saving products.
If you think Cube3 could help to develop your next product, why not get in touch here.