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Cube 3 - Product Design & Development


This is the part of a project where the chosen concept ideas are developed into three dimensional designs using the latest design software.  Product development can be about creating 'A' Class surfacing, engineering fits and tolerances, choosing manufacturing methods for individual components, choosing materials, ensuring parts will be strong enough and so on.

3D CAD Design - All products are developed using our three dimensional design software.  Some products require the design of complex surfaces using surface design tools.  During the design phase we need to consider methods of manufacture so that we design products that can be made cost effectively.  We can explore colour options and communicate these quickly and efficiently.  We can also start making decisions on grades of materials that will be used in the end product.

Simulation - We have a range of tools available to allow us to simulate many things.  Tools like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can determine the strength and rigidity of components to ensure that they will be fit for purpose.  Moldflow can be used to check that a component is mouldable.  Thermal analysis, drop testing and fluid dynamics are some of the other tools we can employ.

Prototyping - Every product that's developed needs to be prototyped for many reasons.  It can be used to determine how a product may feel in the hand or how mechanical features interact in ways that can't be seen using CAD alone.  It is an essential part of the design process.

Photo Realistic Rendering - We can generate photo-realistic computer renderings including logo's and labels if so desired to help visualise the final product long before it is produced.  This can be useful for marketing purposes.

Animation - We can produce animations to help demonstrate mechanisms or fly-by's to help visualise products prior to prototyping.

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